Seemingly overnight, CBD is everywhere and in every conceivable product. While CBD overload may vary by the city, here in Delish’s headquarters of New York City, it feels like the signs are everywhere: CBD-infused smoothies, chocolates, seltzers, gummies, olive oil, honey, and so much more are offered at cafes and stores, while CBD massages and facials appear on spa menus. You name it, CBD oil can be infused in it.

CBD can be an intimidating concept, because the chemical compound is derived from the cannabis plant and thus is associated with marijuana—so despite its ubiquity, it doesn’t seem like something you should admit to dosing in front of your boss. But clearly, the culture is changing, and you might be intrigued, or just befuddled, by it all. In pursuit of understanding and relaxing the tense muscles in our jaws, we called up two CBD experts to explain.

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