Wellness BioSciences Rx MDI FAQs

About the WBRx CBD Metered-Dose Inhaler (MDI)


What is a MDI?

A metered-dose inhaler (MDI) is a device that delivers a measured amount of medication in a mist to

the lungs. The mist is in the form of a short burst of aerosolized medicine that is usually

self-administered by the patient via inhalation.


What are the benefits of using a MDI?

WBRx assures you are getting a true inhaler, not a sublingual, that delivers a single dose directly to

your lungs. Non-patented and/or full-spectrum imitations deposit a spray on the back of your throat,

which taste bad and may burn. The CBD from the WBRx MDI Inhaler does not have to be burned,

heated, swallowed or rubbed on the skin. It comes in a compact, tamper proof, water proof package.

There are no waxes, tars, fillers, coloring, contaminants, toxins, sugar or other adulterants.


Is the WBRx MDI approved by the FDA?

WBRx’s cans, valves, actuators and filling equipment are all on file with the FDA. WBRx complies

with allcGMPrequirements followed by the manufacturers of our consumables and equipment

except for the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). WBRx’s API is pure CBD isolate containing no

THC. While WBRx’s API is NOT approved by the FDA, WBRx believes our formulation, which is limited

to pure CBD isolate, is not toxic to humans.


Why is cGMP so important?

See FDA website: fda.gov/Drugs/DevelopmentApprovalProcess/Manufacturing/ucm169105.htm


Is there any THC (the stuff that gets you high) in the WBRx MDI?

No. Not any! WBRx’s CBD isolates are absolutely pure pharmaceutical grade. WBRx tests its CBD twice,

just to make sure.


Is there an odor?

There is no smell. The WBRx MDI can be used anywhere without any smell whatsoever.


Is the device waterproof?

The WBRx MDI keeps working even if submerged in water (clothes washer, swimming pool, or beach).


Do I need to clean my WBRx MDI?

Generally, no.


Can I share my WBRx MDI?

Sharing an MDI can cause the spread of infectious disease. Sharing is not recommended. (2020 Update: NO!)


How much should I take?

The WBRx MDI delivers exactly 2.5mg or 5mg per actuation, depending on the dosage selected.

There is no established recommended dosage of CBD isolate. Our experience leads us to believe a

normal amount when used regularly is up to 20mg per day on an individual basis. Your results may

vary. If you experience any adverse reaction whatsoever, immediately discontinue use, contact your

physician or emergency room.


Is the WBRx MDI safe?

Our medical propellant and CBD isolate is considered non-toxic by the FDA. We use a small amount

of medical inhalation grade ethanol and terpenes for flavor. CBD is not yet approved for use by the

FDA except in limited circumstances. As with any substance, if you have any concerns, consult your



How soon should I take a second dose?

WBRx recommends you take a maximum of four (4) doses a day at least four (4) hours apart.

Particularly if you are just using CBD for the first time as some individuals may experience a mild

irritation or slight discomfort for the first three or four days of use until they adjust to the MDI.


What is bioavailability?

Bioavailability is defined by Harvard University School of Pharmacy as, “the percent of dose entering

the systemic circulation after administration of a given dosage form.” For more information on

bioavailability and its importance, visit the links below:





Why is bioavailability important?

A consumer wants to achieve a certain affect from taking any medication. To achieve the affect in

the body, a quantity of the substance needs to be available in the blood stream. As bioavailability

decreases, a consumer must consume more of the substance to achieve the desired amount in the

blood stream.

Lower bioavailability means more of the substance is lost and, therefore, more must be purchased

and consumed. In short this relates directly to the efficacy of the substance relative to its cost.

Another way to look at this is a consumer has to use less of a higher bioavailable compound to

achieve the same affect. The WBRx MDI bioavailability exceeds any other method on the CBD



Will the ethanol in the WBRx MDI affect my blood alcohol level (BAC)?

No. However, WBRx uses 200-proof inhalation approved ethanol for formulation stabilization

purposes. If used immediately prior to an alcohol breathalyzer test, a false positive test for alcohol

may result. WBRx suggests all users who are subject to testing wait at least 10-15 minutes between

use and a test as with any prescription inhaler.


About Wellness BioSciences Rx (WBRx)

Wellness BioSciences Rx (WBRx) is a global innovator in the delivery of science-based wellness consumables in partnership with health care providers directly to their respective patient base. Our products specialize in the development of the highest grade 100% USA-grown hemp oil rich in CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes. WBRx was founded by Barry Cocheu and Sean Baker. 

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