Wellness, Quality & Efficacy

I’m Doctor Nimesh Patel, and I’ve been utilizing Wellness BioSciences Rx consumable products for quite some time and with many patients.

I am seeing an astounding amount of success stories with them for plenty of physical and mental benefits.

One of my patients has just recently come back discussing an improvement in peripheral neuropathy, which was side effect he had developed as a result of some prescription based medicines. The CBD really helped alleviate that side affect. 

Another patient who I am extra close to (my mom)  has experienced an ongoing essential tremor which was ultimately diagnosed as early Parkinson’s, but she has been using the WBRx sleep aid which has resulted in better sleep and a much improved quality of life throughout the day. 

Needless to say, I believe in the product. Wellness BioSciences Rx strives for top quality, and I’ve experienced its commitment to a clean and transparent manufacturing process, which gives me reassurance that it’s the best product out in the market with a high priority for safety standards and product efficacy.  

Because we have the ability to completely remove the THC from our oil, we are able to ship our products across state lines and to dozens of countries around the world. WBRx was founded by Barry Cocheu and Sean Baker.

About Wellness BioSciences Rx (WBRx)

Wellness BioSciences Rx (WBRx) is a global innovator in the delivery of science-based wellness consumables in partnership with health care providers directly to their respective patient base. Our products specialize in the development of the highest grade 100% USA-grown hemp oil rich in CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes.

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