Your WBRx MDI goes through a rigorous cGMP process to ensure that each unit provides the exact particle size to deliver a fast-acting, highly available systemic dose of CBD. We do the science on our end so you don’t have to! In order to get the most from your WBRx MDI, it is critical that you use it properly. Many people who use inhalers do not use them correctly and therefore do not get the full benefit of the active ingredients. Please make sure you watch the video above and follow the steps below to get the most from your WBRx MDI.
  1. Remove cap from inhaler
  2. Stand or sit up straight
  3. Tilt head back slightly
  4. Take a few slow deep breaths in and out
  5. Place inhaler in your mouth
  6. Take a slow deep breath in and press down
  7. Continue to breathe deeply after pressing to ensure your lungs completely fill (do not hold your breath until your lungs completely fill)
  8. Hold breath (with full lungs for 7-10 sec)

Using an inhaler correctly requires good muscle memory. It may take 3-4 days of practice before you get the hang of using your WBRx MDI correctly. If you are still experiencing irritation or discomfort after that point please reach out for help by emailing our team at

When used properly, WBRx MDI will have minimal to no irritation or taste and that is what we are after. Please keep in mind that it may take a few times to adjust to using it properly. During the first few days of using the MDI, please make sure that you have water to chase your dose in case you accidentally spray the formulation into your throat vs actually absorbing your dose properly into your lungs. If you experience any sensations, tickles, or cough, please rinse with water or warm liquid. Do not take again until the time for your next dose.
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