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Ask the Doctors – 2022 Edition


2021 Compensation Plan & Business Overview

WBRx 2021 Business Overview

Compensation Plan Training with Written Examples

May 15, 2021


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Building a Marketing & Distribution Company

CIMR Video – Joseph Trahan

CIMR Q&A – Joseph Trahan & Alton Smith

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Attributes of Success

Facebook Live Events

WBRx Facebook Live Event –

Jan 5, 2021

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August 24, 2021

Brand Partners Sharing Ideas

June 19, 2021


Q&A with Barry Cocheu

Why is medical-grade CBD important?

What is CBD?

What makes WBRx unique?

What was your introduction to CBD?

Who should consider joining WBRx?

WBRx Ask the Doctors

The A-Z of CBD

The Doctors Talk – WBRx Global

The Value of Multiple Companies – President Sean Baker

The Wellness of CBD – Dr. Jasani

Terpenes in CBD? – Dr. Jasani

The Endocannabinoid System – Dr. Jasani

CBD Questions Answered – Dr. Jasani

The Six-Step Marketing Plan – CEO Barry Cocheu

The CBD Gold Standard – CMO Dr. Patel

The CBD Story – CMO Dr. Patel

The WBRx Doctor’s Office Loop

The CBD Products that Work – Dr. Jasani

Opportunity Calls

WBRx 2021 Opportunity Call
February 11, 2021

WBRx Opportunity Call
April 28

WBRx Opportunity Call
April 23

WBRx Opportunity Call
April 22