Spring 2020 Promo

Contest Rules

From April 1, 2020, to April 30, 2020, WBRx will have an incentive opportunity, above and beyond the existing compensation plan, that will pay a bonus on both MDI packs, as well as Organizational Development in the month of April.

An MDI Pak will consist of 40 individual MDIs at the cost of $60 per unit. While the retail value of a single MDI Pak is $6000, the cost during this April promotion is only $2,400+shipping/tax.

WBRx will also pay a $400 Brand Partner MDI Bonus to all “qualified” Brand Partners for every Pak sold! (to qualify the Brand Partner simply has to buy an MDI Pak him/herself during the month of April)

In addition, for all Brand Partners who enroll 5 new Brand Partners, with at least one MDI Pak included in their April order(s), on top of the $400 MDI Bonus(es), WBRx will pay a $600  $1200 Team Bonus. UPDATE: Introducing the WBRx Stimulus Plan – for the remainder of April, we’re doubling down on the team bonus portion of this incentive with a new team bonus of $1200!


Joe or Sally Brand Partner enrolls 5 new Brand Partners, each with at least 1 MDI Pak during the month of April, Joe and/or Sally would earn $400 per MDI Pak sold AND a $600 Team Bonus for a minimum payout of $2,600!! (5 x $400 = $2,000 PLUS $600 Team Bonus = $2,600)

As icing on the cake, any Brand Partner who purchases an MDI Pak during the month of April will receive the rank of Regional Director within the WBRx Compensation Plan.

During this aggressively lucrative Promotion, WBRx will not offer any additional rank discounts or organizational commissions.  Once the MDI Prelaunch has concluded, all rank discounts and organizational commissions will resume within our standard compensation plan.