Could cannabis products be the safer alternative prescribers and patients are looking for?

Polypharmacy – the use of five or more medications on a daily basis – is a modern-day health crisis. A lack of knowledge about drug interactions increases the likelihood of side effects or adverse reactions, with many patients reporting lower quality of life as a result.

In contrast, patients using medical cannabis are often able to reduce the number of prescription drugs they are taking while better managing their symptoms. Could cannabis be the safer alternative prescribers and patients are looking for?


For the average person living in today’s world, the older we get, the more drugs we are likely to take. In the United States, 35.8% of older adults take five or more prescription medicines. This increases to 67.1% when we throw in over-the-counter medication and supplements.

Of course, we’re all living longer, and with old age often comes any number of chronic diseases, each with their own prescription pill. Statistically, the more drugs we are prescribed, the higher the risk of adverse drug reactions.

 In the UK, 6.5% of hospital admissions occur thanks to adverse drug reactions (ADR), and an estimated 90% of older adults hospitalized due to ADR are taking multiple medications 


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Wellness BioSciences Rx (WBRx) is a global innovator in the delivery of science-based wellness consumables in partnership with health care providers directly to their respective patient base. Our products specialize in the development of the highest grade 100% USA-grown hemp oil rich in CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes. WBRx was founded by Barry Cocheu and Sean Baker. 

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