The booming CBD market offers a lot of opportunities to various industries. Due to bulk and wholesale CBD, you can formulate and sell your CBD-infused line or offer finished CBD hemp oil products. The demand for CBD hemp oil products has increased in recent years, providing an excellent opportunity for business-minded people and innovative entrepreneurs to become successful CBD retailers. The CBD market is expected to grow into a $2.1 billion industry by 2020.

People have become increasingly aware of the benefits of CBD, and many of them want to incorporate these benefits in their lives. CBD hemp oil is packed with cannabinoid CBD, and there are nutritional supplements that contain CBD. These products can benefit seniors, children, and even animals. Business-minded individuals and innovative entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this fact can offer CBD to customers or patients who wish to benefit from it.



Businesses that Sell CBD

You can become a wholesaler of high-quality CBD products. As a CBD wholesaler, you can sell CBD oil brands to patients online. There are hemp oil brands that are internationally recognized, making it easier for you to establish a wholesale business. Here are the other types of businesses that are selling CBD hemp oil products to meet the demands of their customers.

  •  Dog walkers and veterinary clinics may sell CBD supplements for pets.

  •  You can also find CBD products at health food stores as more and more people are aiming to take advantage of the benefits of hemp oil supplements.

  •  Some cafes and bakeries infuse CBD into their beverages and foods to provide health-conscious customers with a convenient option to get their daily CBD.

  •  More and more medical professionals are offering CBD oil supplements in their wellness centers, doctor’s offices, and health clinics.

  •  Smoke shops and cannabis dispensaries are offering CBD products because they know that there are people who are interested in getting the benefits of CBD without dealing with products that contain high levels of THC.

  •  Personal trainers, masseuses, sports coaches, chiropractors, nutritionists, and other wellness and health professionals are selling hemp-CBD oil products because they understand the benefits of CBD. It can help the body function properly.

Hemp-derived CBD products are safe for consumption. It is non-psychoactive and can be used by people of all ages. These products are also federally legal to sell, buy and ship throughout the United States. Customers don’t need a prescription to purchase hemp-derived CBD products.


About Wellness BioSciences Rx (WBRx)

Wellness BioSciences (WBRX) is a global innovator in the delivery of science-based wellness consumables in partnership with health care providers directly to their respective patient base. Our products specialize in the development of the highest grade 100% USA-grown hemp oil rich in CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes.

Because we have the ability to completely remove the THC from our oil, we are able to ship our products across state lines and to dozens of countries around the world. WBRX was founded by Barry Cocheu and Sean Baker.

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