Las Vegas (CNN)A stroll through the show floor this week at Sin City’s convention center felt like your garden-variety glitzy business expo, except for the plentiful portrayals of cannabis leaves.

MJBizCon, cannabis’ biggest trade show, is slick, well-heeled, popular and professional. It’s a stark reminder of how this fast-growing — yet still federally illicit — sector has cast off tired stereotypes in favor of traditional business approaches.
Cannabis is becoming a big business, and the industry is dressing the part.
“This is going to be mainstream, if it already isn’t mainstream,” said Dr. Nimesh M. Patel, a conference attendee, internist and vice chairman of Redbird LLC, a medical cannabis company based in Stilwell, Oklahoma.
More than 35,000 people from 75 countries are expected to attend the three-day conference that occupied 250,000 square feet of the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center. Last year, the footprint was half that size.
Across the 1,300 exhibitors, there was plenty of CBD, the popular cannabis compound cannabidiol, to be found. But the products and services being showcased spanned across all aspects of the industry and beyond. Amid the purveyors of packaging products, edibles, software, vaping devices, AI-powered cultivation units, and towering extracting machinery, there werealso lawyers, startup incubators and economic development officials from places like Pueblo, Colorado.


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